Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Convection Oven


If you have a food service business operating a commercial convection oven, you may be wondering how you can maintain it correctly, so it always functions at peak performance. Convection ovens are effective for quick cooking as they cook 30% faster than traditional ovens and often use less energy.

All these benefits will be lost if you don’t maintain your oven properly. Here are some maintenance tips to consider:

Ensure the oven door is properly sealed

It is essential always to check the oven doors and know if there are spaces, cracks, and loose hinges. If you find one, you should fix it immediately or find a third-party service company that can inspect the oven and do all the repairs for you.

Check the intake fans

You also need to check the intake fans since they can become a source of technical issues. Most of the time, there is grime and dirt so you will need to fully clean them until all debris are removed from the fans. Lastly, you should check all the wiring and connected parts and see if they are all operating as expected because this can also affect the performance of your oven fans.

Clean the oven daily

It is essential that you clean your commercial convection ovens daily to ensure that it will last for years and perform to its intended standard. Your staff should also be trained on how to clean the convection oven properly. This will include the removal of oven racks, brushing stuck food debris, and wiping grease from the interior of the oven.

You need to understand that ovens with severe food spillage during service may lead to damage and grease fire. You must train your employees to remove any spillage and identify emergency situations effectively, so they can handle such issues if they appear.

Consider hiring an oven repair specialist

Although many oven issues can be handled in-house, it can be beneficial to seek the help of a commercial oven repair company. They have a highly skilled and experienced oven technician who can properly maintain or diagnose the problem of your commercial convection oven.

They also have the right equipment for any type of oven issue, and they can check your oven on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your maintenance contract with them.


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