Benefits of Self-Cleaning Ovens

Self-cleaning ovens are great if your main goal is convenience. So, rather than spending several hours scrubbing debris and food residues, you’ll be able to relax or focus on other household chores. However, expect some manual hand-cleaning tasks before you set the self-cleaning feature of the oven.

Self-cleaning ovens will allow you to avoid harmful solvent and chemical cleaners since you no longer need to do the manual work on your own. Although in some instances, you may need to use a moist cloth with baking soda or lemon juice to finish the job.

These versatile ovens will utilise extreme heat to cook away grease and food build-up effectively. This can result in smoke and foul odours which may set smoke alarms, and the smoke may irritate your eyes. We recommend that you only use this feature for a short period as needed.

You must only use the self-cleaning feature if necessary, to decrease the risk of issues and follow the manufacturer’s self-cleaning instructions to ensure that you’re operating it based on their standards.

Common issues of self-cleaning ovens

  • Broken insulation wires

Usually, the wiring and controls of the oven can withstand the heat, but sometimes high temperatures can penetrate the interior of the wiring, and the heat may even burn up the insulation wires. The only solution to this issue is to get the wires replaced, and a reliable oven repair specialist can properly replace this part for you.

  • Door doesn’t open after the cycle

This is another common issue that usually happens after a self-cleaning cycle. The first thing you can do is to wait long enough for the oven to cool down. Most of the time the oven door won’t open if it’s still hot, but if that doesn’t solve the problem, then you may have a faulty door mechanism.

We recommend that you get in touch with an experienced oven repair technician so they can conduct a thorough check-up of your oven to pinpoint the issue and repair or replace the part if necessary.

  • Oven not working after self-cleaning

The main cause of this issue is a faulty power supply, so check if the power is reaching the main control board by using an electrical tester. Usually, if there is no power going to the control board, then you may have a blown fuse.  A qualified oven technician can easily replace a blown fuse, so it is best to contact a repair company in your area because they have the right tools for this type of work.

Overall, it’s essential to only use the self-cleaning feature of your oven once in a while, because overusing this mode may cause problems. You also need to maintain your oven, so we recommend that you let a professional company like QLD Oven Repairs assist with your self-cleaning oven repair needs.

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