Microwave Ovens

Conventional and stovetop ovens may be your primary cooking appliances, but no home in Brisbane is complete without a microwave oven. In fact, it’s convenient to have it in your kitchen since you can quickly cook your favourite dish or heat fresh ingredients in no time. It truly is a time-saver, but like all types of kitchen appliances, it will require some maintenance and repairs from time to time.

Benefits of Microwaves

Microwave ovens offer several advantages compared to other types of ovens, and these will include the following:

  • Microwave ovens are considered safe since it presents less risk when used. In fact, they heat food quickly, but they stay cold themselves, which makes them safer than other heating appliances.
  • Cooking food in this oven eliminates the formation of char and tar, which can be carcinogenic. So, foods cooked in a microwave oven is considered healthy.
  • Microwave radiation penetrates deep, and it allows for more even heating of food.

Common issues

  • Microwave oven doesn’t start

This issue is commonly caused by either a broken thermal or ceramic fuse. You can check this by using a multimeter and test if there are breaks in the continuity of current in your appliance. Replacing a fuse must be done only by a certified microwave repair service, so be sure to contact a reliable repairman in your area.

  • Microwave runs but doesn’t heat

When you encounter this problem, it only means that you have a faulty high voltage diode or magnetron. These parts produce the heat that your microwave needs to heat or cook dishes. Fortunately, these parts can easily be replaced by a qualified technician, so we recommend that you don’t do this task on your own since this might cause more harm than good.

  • The tray won’t turn

If you have a try that won’t turn then, it may result in a poorly cooked food. This issue is commonly caused by a broken drive motor. Replacing the motor will most likely resolve this problem.

  • Exhaust fan does not work

Most microwave ovens have an exhaust fan at the bottom of the unit, but if the fan is not working, then you may have a problem with your grease or charcoal filter. These filters are important since it absorbs airborne pollutant that is often created while you’re cooking. A clogged filter will prevent the fan from working, so you either clean it or replace it with a new set of filters.

  • Excessive Noise

It’s natural for any microwave oven to make noise while in operation, but excessive noise can be a significant indicator of a much bigger problem. In fact, this issue may be caused by a faulty drive motor, magnetron, roller guide, or high voltage diode.

You will need professional help to properly diagnose this problem since the unit must be disassembled first, and all internal components are examined thoroughly. Ultimately, we recommend that you hire an expert microwave repair provider to solve this problem for you.

Overall, a microwave oven is a small but useful appliance in your home, and it offers several convenient cooking features for your modern kitchen. However, like any other type of cooking appliances, you will need to enlist an experienced microwave oven repairs company like QLD Oven Repairs Brisbane to repair and maintain your unit and keep it working as it should be.

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