Self-Cleaning vs. Easy-Clean Ovens

Some ovens need to be cleaned by hand. They otherwise have a self-cleaning feature that makes the whole process much more manageable. There is also an easy-clean model, which is still a manual clean oven, but it has an above-average interior finish that is easier to clean. So, if you are buying an oven, you must confirm whether the oven has a self-cleaning feature or not because each oven has its preferred cleaning method.

Regardless of what type of oven you have, it will be cleaned according to how messy your baking and cooking tends to be.

Benefits of self-cleaning ovens

It doesn’t require strong oven cleaners and smelly formulas

Manual ovens often require you to use oven cleaners, and you will also need to ventilate the kitchen by turning on your exhaust fan. You even need to wear protective gear since you will encounter strong scents on your oven. However, a self-cleaning oven will simply use heat to clean its interior.

Cuts down cleaning efforts

Self-cleaning ovens will take around four hours to finish, but you can do the cycle in the evening, whereas manual cleaning will take longer and will often be done during day time. Not to mention that manual cleaning will require lots of bending, scrubbing, and elbow grease.

Benefits of easy or manual-clean ovens

Some oven manufacturers offer “easy clean” options, which is still manual clean but is easier than other standard models. Most of these models have a different interior finish, so even if your clean it by hand, you can still cut down on cleaning time over standard ovens.

In fact, manual oven cleaning will include spraying the oven with a stinky chemical oven cleaner, so you should wear a mask, protective eyeglasses and rubber gloves since these cleaners can be hazardous to your health.

An easy clean oven will only require you to use a mild oven cleaning solution; and you can scrub the entire oven with a simple cleaning pad without being exposed to harsh elements. You can also rinse wipe after cleaning to remove detergent residue and put oven racks in the sink for more in-depth cleaning.


The Bottom Line

Whether you choose a self-cleaning oven or an easy-clean model, manual cleaning is a must to avoid oven grease fires or smoke that can impact the taste of the food you bake. If you are more concerned about the effort and cleaning time, then it is recommended that you choose a self-cleaning oven, especially when you have sensitivities to chemicals and scents.



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