Parts of an Oven – What You Need to Know

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Ovens can be complicated, but as one of the most useful appliances in our home, it is important to understand the features and functions. With this knowledge, you can get an understanding of what might be causing the issue before you call a professional oven technician.

Here is a rundown of the important parts of your oven:

Oven elements

One of the most essential parts of your cooker are the oven elements. It is the part that heats up and cooks your meals. There are two types of elements, and these will include: oven base and fan oven elements. The circular shape that is fitted in front of your oven is the fan oven element, and this allows the heat to spread evenly around the body and cavity of the oven.

An oven base element is usually placed at the bottom part of your oven and is responsible for distributing heat from the bottom to the top. However, the hot air produced by an oven base element is not as evenly distributed as that of the fan oven element.

So, if you notice that any of your oven elements is struggling to heat up, your oven element might be faulty.  It is recommended that you replace your oven elements, so they can perform as expected.

Electric thermostats and regulators

For electric ovens, the thermostat is an essential part because it regulates the oven’s temperature. In fact, it is responsible for maintaining the heat inside your oven. Therefore, if this part is faulty, you may find that your oven is overheating or even underheating. This is an issue that can cause your food to be incorrectly cooked, so you will need to replace it as soon as you can.

Oven fan and motors

Oven fans are responsible for distributing hot air evenly in your oven cavity. It is usually situated behind the oven fan element or at the back of your oven cavity. Another type of fan is the cooling fan and its main role is to prevent your oven from overheating or burning your meals. Both of these fans are very important because they regulate the heat in the oven.

If any of these fans are faulty, you may experience overheating that can even lead to fire accidents. That is why you need to replace them immediately with a brand-new part as soon as possible.

However, you need to get in touch with a professional oven repair technician because they have the tools and experience to replace these parts correctly.


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