Warmers and Bain Maries


A Bain Marie is a general-purpose cooking equipment often used by catering services. This equipment is composed of two pots where one pot rets on another, and the liquid on the first pot is set for heating, then it transfers that heat to the second pot, which in turn heats the food available in it.

Warmers play a significant role in preparing soft desserts like liquid chocolate, which can be baked at normal heat. So, this equipment is essential for parties and events since it keeps the meal hot and fresh for a few hours.

Different types of Bain Marie

  • Electric Bain Marie with 3 compartments

This is the most popular type of Bain Marie since it’s used in all sorts of catering services. This equipment can easily hold pre-cooked sauces, gravy, and food and keep them warm for up to three hours using its thermostatic heater. This warmer contains different lids on each compartment.

  • RTC 5 compartment Bain Marie

Another type is the RTC which features a 5-compartment stainless steel warmer along with a toughened glass on the top. This device is quipped with a reliable and high-quality thermostat that can keep its chamber hot for several hours. This type is suitable for buffets, restaurants and halls.

  • 2 division

This is the perfect equipment for small parties or personal use since it only has two head electric compartments with various heat controllers that can control the containers’ heat independently. This equipment can keep one dish hotter than the other depending on your preference.

  • Bain Marie with a hot cupboard

This is a special type of warmer features an insulated hot cupboard and can cater to a large number of people and perfect for large parties. It also has sliding trays with silver sneeze guards and riser shelves. This warmer is also thermostatically controlled and will auto cut the power supply when water reaches below the level required by the device.

How to maintain your Bain Marie

 Like any type of kitchen appliance, the Bain Marie will also need regular and preventive maintenance. So, if you want to keep your warmer in tiptop condition, you’ll need to clean it regularly.

You can easily clean your warmer by removing water from its pots into a bucket. When the water is fully drained, detach its removable exterior parts like lids, knobs and pans. You must put these parts into a sink of soapy, hot water and soak them for several minutes to loosen stubborn food particles and stains.

You must also scrub the parts with a steel wool pad to remove any persistent bits of dirt and food debris. Rinse the washed parts and let them dry for several minutes on the counter.

Common warmers repair needs

  • Cabinet running too hot

This is commonly caused by a faulty relay inside the controller of your Bain Marie. A repair specialist can easily replace this part, so you’ll need to get in touch with a reliable repair company in your area.

  • Canopy lights not turning on

This is normally caused by a faulty bulb or a bad connection within the canopy. You’ll need to replace the bulb(s) or check the wiring for continuity. We suggest that you let a qualified repairman conduct this task for you.

Overall, a Bain Marie is an essential tool especially if you’re in the catering business. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you schedule regular preventive maintenance for your equipment. So, you’ll need a reliable and top-rated repair service company like QLD Oven Repairs since they specialise in Bain Marie and warmer repair and service in Brisbane and nearby areas

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