Are You Misusing Your Oven? Here Are Our Maintenance Tips

broken oven

The way you use your oven will often affect its functions and condition. In fact, there are times when it is easier to ignore damage we cause- like putting a pizza on the oven rack until it bubbles over and makes some serious mess. This may seem normal, but the mess in your oven can lead to issues and malfunctioning.

Here are some common mistakes people make when using their ovens and some tips to avoid unnecessary repairs.

  • Incorrectly positioning the oven rack

It is important to position the oven rack correctly because the food on the lower rack will most likely be browner, while those placed higher up will have a crispier texture. When you are unsure, it is best to use the centre rack. This will ensure that the heat distribution will be even in the middle of the oven, and that could provide better browning throughout your dish.

  • Lining the bottom of your oven with a foil

It is not advisable to place a foil at the bottom of your oven because the reflection of that foil may create hot spots. This could lead to a host of issues like your food is unevenly cooked or it is cooked too quickly. Not to mention that it could fuse the bottom of your oven, and that could void your warranty.

For gas ovens, using foil is not a great idea as it can block air circulation, and that could hinder or affect the cooking process. There is also a chance of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal. Therefore, you should not use foil on your oven floor and just opt for a cookie sheet to catch the spills.

  • Not cleaning spills quickly

Many people think that food spills will just bake-off, but that’s a mistake! In fact, foodstuff and grease may accumulate at the bottom of your oven, and that could damage the heating element. Food spills can also damage the oven liner, and that could lead to overheating, and your oven may even stop working.

That is why it is essential to clean any spills inside the oven, but you need to do this once the oven has cooled down. Also, to avoid any future spills, just place a cookie sheet or pan at the bottom of the rack to catch spills and wayward ingredients.

  • Leaving the racks in the oven then setting it to self-clean

Keeping the racks in the oven during its self-clean cycle may damage the oven liner or its coating. This may damage the racks or make them hard to slide in and out. Therefore, it is recommended that you always remove the track from the oven when you are setting it to self-clean.

If you find that your oven is not working correctly after misuse, contact Oven Repairs Brisbane and we will be able to fix it for you ASAP.

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