Most Common ILVE Oven Repairs & How to Avoid Them


The ILVE brand is a popular Italian brand and known for its handmade built-in and freestanding ovens. For those who are passionate about their cooking, this brand offers a wide range of beautiful and feature-packed appliances, including microwaves, cooktops, range hoods, ovens and more.

The word ILVE is an acronym, and it stands for: I – industria, L – lavorazione, V – veneta, E – elettrodomestici, and it translates to industrial standard electrical appliance manufactured in Venice. The company represents more than 50 years of continuous research and innovation. That is why their ovens are hand-assembled by a single master craftsman and are manufactured using the finest materials, so every part of these ovens is a culinary art.

However, like any other electric oven in the market, they will succumb to wear and tear if not maintained properly. Here are some common issues and maintenance tips.

  • Oven not heating

It can be frustrating if your oven cannot bake your favourite homemade pumpkin pie. Fortunately, an oven that will not heat is a common electric or gas oven problem and easily be prevented. For ILVE ovens, it is crucial that you keep them clean since food spills and other debris can end up inside your unit, and this may lead to faulty parts and other issues.

Therefore, it is important to constantly inspect and clean your electric oven elements and remove any food spills and debris. Avoid using the self-clean feature since high temperatures are damaging.

  • Will Not Turn On

Another common problem that we often encounter is a unit that will not turn on. This is more frequent for electric ovens since they have several electrical parts and components that can fail. To prevent this issue, you need to keep both the interior and exterior of your ILVE oven free from any liquids, oils, and other debris that may cause breakdowns or part failures.

This best way to prevent this problem is to always to keep your control panel clean and free of any spills. Also, be gentle in pressing the control button since they can quickly wear down with repeated use.

  • Oven Temperature Not Accurate

This may occur when your oven turns on and heats a little bit, but it does not get hot enough to cook or bake your food. This is another common oven issue and can easily be avoided through gentle operation and regular cleaning of your ILVE oven.

This issue will often be caused by a defective bake element or a damaged ignitor or burner in gas models. In addition, several electronic parts like temperature control thermostats and sensors may fail due to overheating. So, it is important that you avoid any spills inside the oven as this may damage your heat source. Also, avoid leaving your oven for long periods.

Overall, if you discover that your oven has some unexpected issues, do not hesitate to call an oven repair technician because they have the experience and expertise to get your unit back up and cooking in no time.




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