Maintenance Tips for Commercial Kitchens


Commercial kitchens function best when their equipment is well-maintained. That is why restaurants and catering companies will often hire commercial appliance service specialists to service and maintain their equipment when issues arise. However, it is also beneficial to learn about primary care tips to keep kitchen equipment in pristine condition in-between repairs.

Tips for refrigeration

If you own a restaurant, it is important to perform several challenging tasks, which involve freezer and refrigeration maintenance. For a smooth functioning business, you must ensure that your refrigeration system continues running without causing any interruption.

Therefore, you will need to keep the tubes and drains free of debris. Also, check the gaskets for any signs of leakages because this can damage your refrigeration system extensively.

Tips for fryers

Another important piece of equipment in many commercial kitchens are fryers because they help keep food flowing to diners. Therefore it is vital to ensure that your fryers keep working as expected. Check several essential parts, including the combustion fans that must be cleaned at least once per month to prevent damage to the unit.

You must also check for gas leaks because it can trigger fire accidents. Therefore, checking the hoses for any signs of damage, including bubbles is a must because it will often indicate a leak. If you smell gas at any time, you should stop and what you are doing and check the system immediately.

Tips for rangehoods, ovens, and grills

Griddle, grill, rangehood, and oven maintenance will ensure that your kitchen operates at full capacity. There are several things you should do to keep these appliances working until the next technician’s visit.

  • Check the grease filters – grease can restrict airflow, and this can affect the evenness of food, as well as cooking times. It is important to avoid misuse by cleaning and replacing filters to prevent any buildup of dirt and grease.
  • Clean flattops, burners, or grates – Your staff must scrub down all surfaces of your cooking equipment at least once per month. This will include thorough cleaning like soaking all the parts to remove dirt and grime.

When to call a professional repair specialist

Here are some problems associated with rangehoods, stoves, and ovens:

  • Appliance timer is not working
  • Oven is too hot
  • The control board does not program
  • The range is not baking
  • Electric range does not start
  • Oven has no heat when baking
  • Cooktop elements do not heat

Overall, electrical and gas ovens are often easy to operate, but complicated repairs including temperature issues, electrical problems and surface element repairs should always be handled by a professional technician. If you require professional oven repairs in Brisbane, contact QLD oven repairs today!

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