Essential Maintenance Tips for Gas Ovens and Stoves

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Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, you are likely to have either a gas or electric oven. You will also have a stove top powered by either gas or electricity.  There are many advantages to gas stoves and ovens, but it is essential to know how to look after them correctly.

 If you are unsure of how to clean and maintain your gas stove, we have several tips for you in this post.

Wipe down daily and do a deep clean every month

Many homeowners already know the basics of keeping a home stove clean. You just need to wipe it down daily with a mild cleaning solution. But if you do see drips or spills, you will need to wipe it up as soon as possible when it is safe to do so. This common approach will help you prevent any big mess and the time needed to spend scrubbing it later.

Your gas oven should be taken apart at least twice a year to complete a deep clean. Soak and thoroughly scrub every piece using a mild cleaning solution. This will remove grime and dirt that may damage your oven. Learn here about electric oven maintenance. 

User dish soap and vinegar as your cleaning solutions

When it comes to gas ovens and stoves, it is recommended that you stick with vinegar and dish soap because these solutions are non-toxic, mild, and effective in dissolving almost anything that might build up in your oven.  In fact, stove and oven cleaners are harsh chemicals that may damage the gas elements or add toxicity to your home, and that could even affect your health.

Just use hot water combined with dish soap and vinegar for all of your oven cleaning tasks.

Scrub and soak the grate once a month

Unlike elective stoves that have individual burners, a gas stove needs a little space between the pan bottom and the flame. So, they have a large grate over the stovetop rather than burner grates.

These grates must be cleaned once a month, so always start by soaking them on your sink using soapy, hot water. Leave the grates there for up to an hour while you clean the rest of the oven.

When grates have soaked, scrubbing them using a light abrasive powder and sponge is a must. This will ensure that all cooked-on grit is removed effectively since this could affect the performance of your oven over time.

Scrub down the surface

Once you soak the grates, it is also a good opportunity to scrub the griller components. However, this can be a challenging task since you really need to get down there. In fact, you will find a giant drip pan under the grate that catches all the spills and crumbs. It is important to clean this area because grit will build up over time, which could even create grease fire.

You can start by spraying down the entire surface with mild foaming cleaner and vinegar. Let it sit for up to fifteen minutes before wiping it down with a constantly rinsed sponge. This will enable you to scoop up all the crumbs and even pull-out piles of liquified grease.

Overall, these are some of the common steps to clean and maintain your gas ovens sand stoves effectively.


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